About the project

As you know, the main problem of all data centers on planet Earth is equipment overheating. The red-hot parts turn the servers into blazing fire machines that need to be constantly cooled. Someone uses an air mixture, someone liquid cooling, someone combined methods, someone suggests lowering equipment to the seabed (as Microsoft did), someone suggests storing servers in ice caves, but the problem of global warming spoils everything cards.

The second problem of all data centers on planet Earth is expensive electricity, which also has to be paid for by the end consumer of data center services. In addition, there are many different risks on planet Earth — earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, terrorist threats and many, many other risks.

Space is the ideal solution to these problems. It’s always cold in space, so there are no questions about how to cool the equipment. There is a sun in space — a centuries-old source of endless energy. There are few people in space, therefore, the human factor is excluded — as the main cause of many man-made accidents. Placing equipment in space is a new step for the development of mankind — innovations require more and more resources, and these needs must be met. It will not be possible to build up the planet forever, the problem of Global Warming nullifies all the plans of mankind for further development. In the era of development of satellite Internet projects (for example, from Starlink or from OneWeb), a space data center in earth orbit is a leap in solving problems with equipment and an innovative solution in the development of digital technologies.

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